KÄYTETTY Alco ABM 400 NH Preduster -leivityskone vm 2019

Tarjolla muutaman kuukauden käytössä ollut Alcon laadukas Preduster-leivityslaite.

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Jarno Leppälä
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• Flour is coating the product from all sides
• The amount of flour is easily controllable in order to cover the products from all sides; only a minimum of flour has to be blown off
• Upper and lower level of flour can be adjusted separately
• Variable speed of the conveyor via frequency drives
• Blower as air circulation system
• Machine completely made of stainless steel and materials FDA approved
• 4 rotating wheels with rubber surface, lockable break and bearings made of stainless steel, adjustable in height
• Easy cleaning and maintenance due to side flaps
• Drives from SEW
• If there should be lumps caused by water-flour mixture, the preduster has a built-in lump sieve, which removes these lumps out of the machine automatically and collects them in a small bucket at the side of the machine.
• The machine works individually means that each machine should be switch on and off individually
Conveyor belt: Wire belt
Thickness: 2,35 mm
Belt-Speed: 1,9 .. 17 m/min
Belt-Width: 400 mm
Belt-Level: 1.050 ± 95
Power: 3,5 kW
Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz 3 phases + neutral + ground
Compressed air: 2 – 6 bar (optional)
Length: 2.900 mm
Width: 1.100 mm
Height: 1.800 ± 95 mm
Weight 800 kg
Technical details are subject to change.

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